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We cannot function as an organization without donations. As a non-profit, all of our funds come from donations or adoption fees. None of us get paid for the work we do and the rescue has no other way of making money. We work on providing full transparency, so if you're ever interested what your donation is being used for, please don't hesitate to reach out. 

Black Dog
Black Dog

Supply Donations

All of our supplies come from donations. Supplies are used for our animals during transportation and while they are with their fosters. Donors either reach out to us and donate their own items or they purchase supplies from our Amazon Wishlist. Either way, these supplies never go to waste! 

If you're looking to donate your own items, below is a list of items we need. Please stick to this list as we have limited space for storing supplies.

  • Sturdy toys

  • Treats for cats + dogs

  • Dog collars/ harnesses/ leashes

  • Flea/Tick Preventatives

  • Heartworm Preventatives

  • Tooth brushes

  • Dog Crates + Cat Crates

  • Dry food + Wet Food (Please only donate closed food)

  • Blankets + Towels

  • Baby shampoo

Monetary Donations

Monetary donations are absolutely vital. We use them to handle medical costs and purchase necessary supplies we do not have in the moment. We also use monetary donations to cover gas for transporting animals. Every penny donated is put towards an important absolutely vital need.

As a registered non-profit, your donation can be applied to your taxes for a deduction. If you would like a letter describing your donation, please send us an email with a copy of the donation you made. As a registered public charity, donors may deduct up to 60% of their adjusted gross income on their annual taxes. 

Cat in Basket
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