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As a foster-based rescue, our fosters really are at the center of our company. With more fosters in place, we have more flexibility to save and rescue animals in need. If you have ever considered bringing an animal into your home, this is a great way to start. If you already have a furry friend but want to give them a friend, this is another great option. If you're looking for ways to help, this is a really vital way! Without our fosters, we wouldn't be able to accomplish all the work we currently do.

We provide:

  • Support

  • Supplies

  • Training

  • Medication

Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for you to provide a warm and loving home for an animal while we find them a forever animal. We have many fosters who have fostered several different animals with us. We love them, they love us, and together, we work to save lives.

Each of our dogs is assessed and a custom training plan is created for them. We work with you while you work with them, to give them the best chance at a happy life.

What is the application process to foster?

1. First, you will need to fill out an application to foster in order to be pre-approved, you can find this application by clicking here. By getting pre-approved, you are approved to foster OR adopt any animal from our rescue. At this time, you will also give your vet a call (if you have one) letting them know we will be reaching out and that they are allowed to provide us with your pet's information.

2. Second, one of our team members will go through your application and set up a call with you to talk more in depth. We ask that all the individuals who will be living in the home be present for this call.

3. Third, we will follow up with your vet office and the references you provided us.

4. Once you are approved, we will build a foster profile for you in our records. we will take note of any limitations or preferences you may have. We will then work to pair you up with an animal that fits your living situation. 

You will have a dedicated Route to Rescue team member who you can ALWAYS reach out to with any questions, comments, or concerns. 

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